(only for Master Computer Engineering)

Admission to Master Computer Engineering requires a Bachelor of Science, Magister, Staatsexamen, Diploma or equivalent final degree of at least 6 semester study

  • of Computer Science or Computer Engineering or
  • of Mathematics, Natural Sciences or Engineering with attestable lectures imparting basic knowlege in Computer Science (e.g. basic compulsory modules Computer Science in B. Sc. Applied Computer Science), in which 24 CP in Computer Science are recommended.

Homologation of foreign degrees is done by the study board ('Studienausschuss'). An interview is held with each applicant to judge knowledge and motivation. Admission is based on the final degree (converted to points between 0..15 and weighted with a factor 2) and on the result of the interview (0..15 points). A sum of at least 20 points is required. Details can be found in the 'Zulassungsordnung' available on the download page.

For international applicants are also very good German language skills (DSH-2 resp. C1) required (Link).

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