Student Work

Please send an email to Holger Fröning for specific questions or further information on possible topics, depending on the students experience and interest. Proposals are also welcome.

In general, this group focuses on GPU Computing, in particular on communication between distributed GPUs. If you have a strong background in CUDA and solid knowledge in C/C++, MPI and Linux we'd be happy to discuss possible projects with you!

We are open for project work (Studienarbeit), student talks (BSc and MSc level) and BSc & MSc theses.

Advanced Seminar "Computer Engineering"

A repository of past talks and report can be found here: link

Completed theses

  • Steffen Lammel, Power Saving Policies for Scalable Interconnection Networks, MSc, 2017.
  • Dominik Sterk, Optimized bulk data transfers in multi-GPU systems for improved total transfer time, MSc, 2016.
  • Günther Schindler, GPU Architecture Extensions for Advanced Communication and Synchronization, MSc, 2016.
  • Christoph Klein, Automated Partitioning of Data-parallel Programs, MSc, 2016.
  • Daniel Schlegel, Active Messaging in Autonomous GPU networks, MSc, 2016.
  • Eugen Rusakov, Enabling classifications based on deep neural networks for ARM-based embedded systems, MSc, 2016.
  • Benjamin Baumann, A Performance Model for Multi-GPU Training Algorithms of Deep Convolutional Nets, MSc, 2016.
  • Julián Romero, Optimizing Communication by Compression for Multi-GPU Scalable Breadth-First Search, MSc, Erasmus student, 2016.
  • Matthias Hauck, Scalable Graph Computing using Distributed GPUs, MSc, 2014.
  • Alexander Matz, Extending MEMSCALE by an Optimized Integration into Existing Coherence Domains, MSc, 2013.
  • Benjamin Klenk, Comparing Different Communication Paradigms for Data-Parallel Processors, MSc, 2013.
  • Manuel Dewald, SAP HANA as a distributed system based on EXTOLL, MSc, 2013.
  • Matthias Hauck, A management environment for MEMSCALE, BSc, 2012
  • Elena Kuss, Analyzing Power Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness of Direct and Indirect Interconnetion Network Topologies, MSc, 2012
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