The Chairs of the Institute

Innovative Computing

Application Specific Computing   Prof. Dr. R. Strzodka 
Novel Computing Technologies  NN
Computer Architecture    Prof. Dr. U. Brüning
Computer Systems  Prof. Dr. H. Fröning


Computer Architecture   Prof. Dr. U. Brüning
Circuit Design  Prof. Dr. P. Fischer

Robotics, Biomechanics & Biomedical Engineering

Automation   Prof. Dr. E. Badreddin
Biomedical Engineering & Biorobotics  Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Masia
Optimization, Robotics & Biomechanics  Prof. Dr. K. Mombaur

Former chairs

Informatik V (1996-2012)  Prof. em. Dr. R. Männer (emeritiert)
Optoelectronics (1996-2018)  Prof. em. Dr. K.-H. Brenner (emeritiert)


Research at ZITI - A short presentation 

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