Interdisciplinary. Application-oriented. Forward-thinking.

The Institute of Computer Engineering (ZITI) dedicates its research and teaching activities to the understanding and implementation of complex systems in information technology. One research aspect is to analyze how new results in mathematics and fundamental physics may lead to innovative and intelligent computer systems. Another research focus is the application of new technologies and methods in computer engineering to sensing and instrumentation in physics, astronomy, biology, medicine and other natural and life sciences.

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ZITI in Neuenheimer Feld 368

Three main features characterize the profile of computer engineering in Heidelberg: multidisciplinarity, application-orientation, and orientation towards the future. Due to their broad competences, our chairs are able to bring together their diverse knowledge and their different methodological approaches in order to jointly develop integrated hardware and software solutions. This synergistic combination distinguishes ZITI from classical departments of computer science at many other universities. Thus, research and teaching contents can be aligned constantly with current, as well as with future requirements. From the beginning, ZITI has always put an emphasis on market-oriented education for our graduate students, to enable them to meet their future responsibilities in industry and in research.

The result is an innovative orientation towards current and future developments, an internationally leading position in several research areas, lively spin-off activities and an academic education, tailored to meet market demands.

Latest news

ZITI is very happy to welcome Tom Cecil, Senior Architect at Synopsys, for a visit on June 10 2024. He will give a public talk at 4 pm in room U014 of OMZ (INF 350, floor -1)

ZITI is very happy to welcome Dr. Denys Makarov for a visit on May 21 2024. Prof. Makarov will give a public talk at 2 pm in room SR043 of BioQuant (INF 267, ground floor).

ZITI’s Prof. Dr. Dr. Lorenzo Masia was invited as a keynote speaker at the 2024 Nature Conference on Transformative Technologies on Neuroengineering in Shenzhen, China (April 10-12, 2024).

ZITI is very happy to welcome Prof. Vito Cacucciolo to give a talk on “Solid-State Soft Pumps for Electrically driven Artificial Muscles, Soft Robots, and Active Textiles” on February 8, 2024.

ZITI is very happy to welcome Dr. Georg Hager for his talk on “Performance Engineering with Resource-Based Metrics” on February 5, 2024.