Cadence Cadence sponsors and supports the Ziti with the SEED (Support for Education in Electronic Design) project since 2002. SEED is a university/industry collaboration to enhance and reform the education in the field of semi-custom/full-custom ASIC design at the Ziti. With this project Cadence Design Systems enables us to teach leading-edge ASIC design using their most innovative products. The Ziti of the University of Heidelberg is member of the Cadence Academic Network.





CEMA The CEMA supports the Ziti with their initiative Mannheimer Modell Mittelstands-Stipendien. Goal of this initiative is to provide contact to medium-sized businesses and enable closer cooperations. CEMA provides scholarships for students studying to get a Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree. CEMA also consults and supports the Ziti in various areas. CEMA consults and supports its customers to realize projects and operations for IT infrastructure. Economical IT at the point of action.


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