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The Institute of Computer Engineering at the University of Heidelberg offers a Master's degree program in  Computer Engineering and participates in the teaching of the Bachelor's degree in Applied Computer Science (Angewandte Informatik) particularly in the specialization Computer Engineering.

Moreover offered the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science more courses of study in the range of computer science.

Why study 'Technische Informatik' (Computer Engineering)?

Have you successfully completed your secondary education and are you looking for a potential field of study? Have you considered Computer Engineering?

You will learn how to...

  • understand the hardware of your computer?
  • create virtual worlds?
  • calculate tomorrow's weather?
  • run calculations on graphic cards?

You are interested in mathematics, computer science, and engineering? Do you want to learn more about all of those subjects? You want to use this knowledge to receive a fascinating employment?

You like challenges and enjoy solving technical problems?

What is special about the T.I. course in Heidelberg?

The professors, who are working at the Institute of Computer Engineering, have an excellent reputation and are highly motivated. Some of our chairs are part of the Cluster of Excellence for Cellular Networks and the proposed CASTLE Cluster of Excellence and graduate school for mathematical and computational methods for the sciences. Also, the only Center of Excellence for Hypertransport worldwide, sponsored by AMD, is part of the Institute.

The students benefit from a mentoring system and ambitious students have the possibility to participate in research activities. There is also a special scholarship system being built up for the TI at the moment. In your Bachelor's or Master's course you will work with state-of-the-art equipment and you'll be educated at the cutting edge of innovation. For example, if you specialize in chip design, you will benefit from Cadence Academic Network, while we use Cadence tools to give students hands-on experience of the latest EDA tools in our courses on hardware design, verification, and implementation.

There are cooperations with several other universities and a lot of industrial companies, e.g. ABB, BASF, Bosch, IBM, Siemens, CERNMitsubishi. The third-party funds of the TI chairs sum up to 2 million euros. The institute will gladly help you arranging internships and residences.

For interested students, there are lots of possibilities for learning and acquiring additional experience. Every year, some of our students participate in the Supercomputing Conference in the USA and the ISC in Germany. You can learn more about special activities that are offered in All about Studying.

If you would like to improve your knowledge about Mathematics and the basics of Computer Science, there are also introductory courses held by the Student's Council for Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy.

Where to find more information?

You can learn more about studying Computer Engineering at Frequently Asked Questions.

Also for detailed and binding information visit Examination Regulations. You can also write an e-mail to michaela.binder{at} to obtain more info.

Interested? Receive information about how to get your university place at Application.

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