Attending the Supercomputing Conference

Every year, the Supercomputing Conference (SC) takes place in different cities all over the USA. For years, students of the Department of Computer Engineering have been joining the SCinet group to support the SC as student volunteers. SCinet is an organization of volunteers, most of them working for big high performance computing (HPC) companies or universities with HPC reseach. Scinet is responsible to build up the high-speed interconnection network using fiber technology. Every year, this network represents one of the highest-performance Networks in the world. The complete network for a SC needs a year of planning, a week for setup, is used within four days of exhibition, and needs a day for tear down.

All participating student volunteers have the opportunity to gather experiences with state of the art fiber technology and large network structures. In addition, they meet other students from all over the world, which always results in very interesting experience exchanges.

The complete conference program including tutorials, presentations, and the show is accessable for the students without any costs. This gives them the opportunity to look into the newest developments in the world. Because of the high concentration of experts in all technology fields, they can easily find answers for complex technology questions.

Besides the volunteer work at SCinet during the two weeks of the conference there is some free time left for sightseeing.

Overall, participation at the supercomputing conference as student volunteer is an extraordinary experience and is worth all the effort.









Gallery SC

SC2013 in Denver, Colorado

SC2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah

SC2011 in Seattle

SC2010  New Orleans, Louisiana

SC2009 Portland, ORegon

SC2008 Austin, Texas

SC2007 Reno, Nevada


SC2006 Tampa, Florida


SC2005 Seattle, Washington


SC2004 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


SC2003 Phoenix, Arizona


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