Great success for Lorenzo Masia’s Biorobotics & Medical Technology group: at IEEE BIOROB 2022, no less than 2 papers from the group made it to the final selection for awards.

The paper “Enhancing Gait Assistance Control Robustness of a Hip Exosuit by Means of Machine Learning” by Xiaohui Zhang, Enrica Tricomi, Francesco Missiroli, Nicola Lotti, Casimir Bokranz, Daniela Nicklas, and Lorenzo Masia was a finalist for the IEEE Robotics and Automation Letter (RAL) award at IEEE BIOROB2022.

Elisa Galofaro won the Best Paper Award with “A Hybrid Assistive Paradigm based on Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation and Force Control for Upper Limb Exosuits” (Elisa Galofaro, Erika D’Antonio, Nicola Lotti, and Lorenzo Masia).


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