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Institute of Computer Engineering
at Heidelberg University (ZITI)

Due to the spread of the corona virus, we are currently only available to a limited extent in person and by telephone.
Please contact us by mail.
We kindly ask external companies to make an appointment in advance.

Heidelberg University Information on the Coronavirus ->

ZITI Studies and Teaching Information on Coronavirus ->

Information on teaching in the winter semester 2020/21

Dear students, we look forward to welcoming you in autumn! Teaching starts on November 02, 2020 in presence and online!

The following arrangements at Heidelberg University take account of the Corona Ordinance on Degree-related Operations and the Arts and the Corona Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg in their respective valid versions.

What do I have to watch out for when I enter university facilities or events?

You can only enter university facilities if you have none of the grounds for exclusion defined in the Corona Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg, such as typical symptoms of an infection with the coronavirus.

The key steps to counter the spread of the coronavirus remain social distancing of 1.5 meters, which applies generally for all rooms, areas and places where people move around.

In addition to the requirement to keep our distance, it is now compulsory to wear a mask protecting our mouth and nose in all areas of the university open to the public, as well as in all corridors and areas of circulation in university buildings. This also applies when you enter lecture halls and event venues until you reach your seat. In the case of lectures, students are obliged to keep their mask on while seated and also when contributing to the discussion. Lecturers are exempted from this as long as they keep a sufficient distance from the students

In addition, the Corona Ordinances oblige the university to record the contact details and period of presence of all visitors, users and participants at events (on this, also see the next question).

Will my contact details be recorded when I visit university premises and attend events?

The Corona Ordinances require the university to collect the following details from all visitors, users and participants at events: first and last name, address, date and time of presence, and telephone number. The duty to record data has been expanded e.g. to the student portal, all advisory services and the use of learning and study areas that need to be reserved. In the case of regularly attending series of lectures, your contact details have to be recorded initially and thereafter for every single occasion.

This documentation is meant for tracing possible chains of infection and must be kept for four weeks. Then it has to be destroyed in conformity with privacy law (e.g. in data protection containers). In order to make it easier, there are now forms for collecting contact details, which visitors, users and participants will fill out at the respective event.

Form for collecting contact details of event participants

*Update* The recording of contact details will, wherever possible, be carried out digitally via scanning a QR code when entering the premises. Every user, visitor or participant at an event is obliged, on entering a room with electronic contact data collection, to carry an electronic device with a scan function, e.g. a smartphone, using it to scan the QR code and enter their aforementioned contact details in the relevant fields.

Interdisciplinary. Application-oriented. Trendsetting.

The Institute of Computer Engineering (ZITI) dedicates its research and teaching activities to the understanding and implementation of complex systems in information technology. One research aspect is to analyze how new results in mathematics and fundamental physics may lead to innovative and intelligent computer systems. Another research focus is the application of new technologies and methods in computer engineering to sensing and instrumentation in physics, astronomy, biology, medicine and other natural and life sciences.

Three main features characterize the profile of computer engineering in Heidelberg: multidisciplinarity, application-orientation, and orientation towards the future. Due to their broad competences, our chairs are able to bring together their diverse knowledge and their different methodological approaches in order to jointly develop integrated hardware and software solutions. This synergistic combination distinguishes ZITI from classical departments of computer science at many other universities. Thus, research and teaching contents can be aligned constantly with current, as well as with future requirements. From the beginning, ZITI has always put an emphasis on market-oriented education for our graduate students, to enable them to meet their future responsibilities in industry and in research.

The result is an innovative orientation towards current and future developments, an internationally leading position in several research areas, lively spin-off activities and an academic education, tailored to meet market demands.

Have a closer look at our Institute!

Institute address: Im Neuenheimer Feld 368, 4th and 5th floor, 69120 Heidelberg

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