Robot Games: Using ROS in Research implemented on two Pioneer 3DX for students of our "Robotic Games Project" 

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Autonome Mobile Robot Lab
 is using various autonomous mobile robot setups. 10 x 5 meters squared area for experiments. e.g. optical reference systems, odometry, ultrasonic systems, accelerometer, landmark tracking, optical flow .... metering allows in daylight sceneries to interact machine to machine and machine to human operator. First exercise "playing soccer" with RoboCup rules gives impressive experience in the meaning of real obstacles in sensory based drive of data processing machineries with digital controls. Different robots deliver practical results for young researchers as well as for student in lab experiments as part of theoretical advisory from our basic lecture "Design of Autonomous Systems".

Robots today with 2 and 3 degrees of movement:

1999 starting with high sophisticated SmartRob II (Xoberon , PowerPC) mechanical reconfigurations have been tried and added, finally a complete redesign of feedback control and electronic instrumentation was realized with linux industrial PC In realtime. in a competition of Machine Engineering Students we got a complete new CAD-design for football soccer robots with two and three degrees of freedom which could be realiced in industrial quality. Computer system now is an industrial PC implementation, free scaling and reconfiguration of system is possible to implement. Software, hybrid algorithm design in realtime (RTAI, QNX, RT-Lab) is used now. Wireless local area networks connects robots and workstations for student and young researches needs as well.

Experiences could be transfered to other experimental robot systems, especially granted "intelligent" electric wheeled chairs to demonstrate man-machine interoperability.

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