The nominal duration of the MScTI is 4 semesters. Modules in the first 2-3 semesters mostly consist of 2 hours of lectures and 2 hours of exercise/laboratory courses per week. Such modules give 6 CP (credit points). There are five of these courses per semester usually with a total of 30 CP.

Model study plan:

The courses can be distinguished in four (colored) types:

In each type, a certain number of modules (or CP) must be passed. Some modules are compulsory ('Pflichtmodul', marked with 'P') and must be passed, while others are elective modules which can be chosen from various options ('Wahlpflicht, marked with 'WP'). Finally, some modules can be chosen freely ('Wahl', marked with 'W'), see Soft skills and Free courses. Modules in the specialization usually belong to one of four fields of computer engineering (majors) for which we have defined sample study plans (see Specialization). In the third semester, there are also

  • a seminar (oral presentation of a specialized subject, 6 CP = 4 CP + 2 CP ÜK) and
  • a student research project  ('Studienarbeit') in a research group, which can also be used as a preparation for the master thesis (14 CP).

The master thesis (application form) with a final colloquium covers the complete fourth semester.


Spending a semester abroad: 

The structure of the MScTI allows to spend a semester abroad without nominally extending the total duration. As a semester abroad is unlikely for foreign students, this case is only treated on the German page.


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