This area teaches, on a master level, fundamental knowledge which is relevant for a wide range of computer engineering sub-fields. In total three modules must be passed. The two modules

  • Parallel Computer Architecture (distributed computing, distributed memory, networks,...)
  • Control Systems Design (non linear systems, feedback, stability,...) (In the PO 'System Design')

are compulsory. One further elective module can be chosen out of

  • C++ Practice (effective C++11: constexpr, move refs and ctors, initializer list, lambdas, variadic templates,...)
  • Electronics (components, operational amplifiers, oscillators, PLL, power supplies, ADC,...)
  • Introduction to High Performance Computing (HW, SW and challenges of HPC, practical problems,...)
  • Microcontroller Based Embedded Systems (microcontrollers, circuit design, board manufacturing,...)
  • Reconfigurable Embedded Systems (embedded HW, FPGAs, VHDL tutorial, HW/SW co-design,...).

(The details in parantheses indicate the content. Details can be found in the overview of the modules under Lectures.)

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