Career Opportunities

When choosing a field of study, many aspects have to be considered. Apart from your interests and your abilities, career opportunities play an important part in this. In the field of IT, future prospects are very good. Many companies are establishing new positions. For graduates, this means excellent job opportunities. For the last years, there have been continuous  improvements in job offers and employment while the number of unemployed and job-seeking IT graduates has decreased constantly.
According to a survey by Bitkom (Bundesverbands Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien), the number of open positions in the field of IT has nearly doubled from 2009 until the end of 2013 (20,000 to 39,000).

We can also see that more and more IT employees are graduates from a university or FH. Meanwhile, one-third of all IT employees have a university degree. Since we are facing moderately decreasing numbers of graduates, chances of graduates increase even more. Another advantage of IT graduates is the fact that in almost every branch there will be always a need to employ IT graduates.

Prospective students should also consider increasing revenues in this branch: No other group of employees can record increasing revenues like the group of IT specialists. No wonder, since companies are competing for the best graduates!

Chances for women in the field of IT are also excellent. Although the IT sector is still dominated by men, companies are urgently seeking female IT specialists. 

In the area of engineering, there are also positive developments for young professionals. The number of unemployed engineers and the number of short-term-engaged engineers is decreasing continuously. Especially graduates with working experiences have no problems in finding a job right after their graduation because of the lack of qualified graduates in this branch. Meanwhile, companies need more than six months for 20% of the job offers to find an appropriate employee.
Studying at the University of Heidelberg is an optimal vehicle to start your career in the IT or engineering area. Studies are very practically oriented and offer the needed working experience. Moreover, all of our students benefit from our numerous cooperation agreements with industry, nationally and internationally. Students can be involved in our research activities and thus can gather practical experience during their studies from the very start. 

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