Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible to study our Master program Computer Engineering?
    • Admission to Master Computer Engineering requires a Bachelor of Science, Magister, Staatsexamen, Diploma or equivalent final degree of at least 6 semester study
      • of Computer Science or Computer Engineering or
      • of Mathematics, Natural Sciences or Engineering with attestable lectures imparting basic knowlege in Computer Science (e.g. basic compulsory modules Computer Science in B. Sc. Applied Computer Science), in which 24 CP in Computer Science are recommended.
    • For international applicants are also very good German language skills (language requirements) required.
  • In which language are the courses taught?
    • The courses are taught in German or English depending on the lecturer.
  • What is the minimum grade for the admission?
    • The minimum grade according to the German system is 3.5 (refer to your international office for conversion).
  • How many semesters does the program take?
    • The program takes 4 semester (3 for lectures, 1 for master thesis).
  • How many ECTS must be completed in the program?
    • 120 ECTS.
  • What is the structure of the course of studies?
  • Which degree will be obtained?
    • You will graduate with a Master of Science Computer Engineering.
  • What are the fees for studying at the University of Heidelberg?

More questions and answers are available on the German version of this site. Click on the German flag in the upper right corner to access the German site. 

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