Soft Skills

These modules teach knowledge & methods which are useful for a successful scientific and industrial work or for starting a business.

All in all, 12 CP must be completed in the field of soft skills, 2 of which are integrated in the seminar. For the remaining 10 CP the following courses can be chosen:

  • Tools (4 CP),
  • Entrepreneurship (6 CP),
  • Courses from the University course program classified as soft skill courses,
  • Language Courses (6 CP maximum).

There are two modules

  • Tools (software packages for mathematics, statistics, data analysis and presentation, graphics, text editing, programming, version control, presentation & work organization,...)
  • Entrepreneurship (founding a company, business plan, legal aspects, financing, marketing,...)

When staying abroad for one semester, these modules can be replaced by soft skill courses from your host university.

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